As the leading voice of private clubs in California, we serve and protect our members and the interests of all private clubs in the State by monitoring proposed legislation and providing continuing education and information on matters affecting our member clubs.

What we stand for:

CSCA stands for the right of every truly private club to determine its own membership policy and to manage its own operations free of direct or indirect government dictation, supervision, or interference. This it defends as a right guaranteed by both the Federal and the State Constitutions. CSCA does not advise clubs about what their membership or management policies should be. These policies, it believes, are matters solely for each club’s independent decision. CSCA, therefore, does not stand for any particular membership or any other club policy.

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CSCA's effectiveness depends not only upon reasoned arguments but also political clout. The more individual club members belonging to CSCA, the more political muscle we have. Clubs should belong to CSCA to preserve their continued existence as truly private clubs. CSCA is a resource for current “hot button” issues challenging private clubs. Because CSCA is the only entity in California that speaks for private clubs, it is their only voice, advocate, and protector against continuous attacks.

CSCA is the ONLY entity that speaks for its member clubs at the state level.